Canadian NRI helps elderly couple in Patiala

NRINITIAagedPritam Singh Kahlon from Canada who read about the dire needs and sad condition of a couple in Patiala and himself hails from Sangrur, has generously decided to send Rs.10,000 a month to an elderly couple, Gurdev Singh, 85 and Tej Kaur, 83, who live in a cremation ground at Chaura village of Patiala.

The couple who built a 3-storey house are forced to stay in the cremation ground for the past two years in spite of the fact their house is just opposite their shanty. The couple lost their 3 sons, and sadly none of their daughters-in-law and daughters inquire about their condition or help them. Consequently the couple depends on the mercy of the villagers who pay the electricity and water bill of their room.

Gurdev is unable to walk so Tej works in a private factory for Rs.100 a day to be able to afford two meals a day for them both. The Patiala District Administration heard of their plight and sent them a small, but insufficient pension.

Kind Canadian Pritam visited the couple in India recently and gave them Rs.10,000 in cash, and items of daily use such as jackets, blankets, clothes etc. He even offered they stay at his house that is maintained by servants, but the couple said it was difficult to leave the village they had spent their entire life in.