Canadian PM to apologize for 102-year-old slight

INTERESsikhsCanadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau pledges to make a full apology in the House of Commons, for a century old slight against Indians, mainly Sikhs.

In 1914 the Canadian government turned away 376 immigrants from Punjab who sailed from India after quarantining the ship off Vancouver. After two months the ship was escorted out by gunships and sent back to Calcutta, where clashes with British soldiers killed 19 and ended in prison sentences for the others.

PM Trudeau said as a nation Canada should never forget the prejudice suffered by the Sikh community and on May 18 he will stand in the House of Commons and offer a full apology for the incident.

The well loved Canadian premier has particularly endeared himself to Sikhs in Canada even before inducting 4 Sikhs in his cabinet.

The apology pledge was made at a prayer meeting where Trudeau wore a saffron headscarf, that was preceded by a video greeting to Sikhs on the occasion of baisakhi, that ended with the PM greeting them with “Wahe Guruji da Khalsa Wahe Guruji da Fateh”, the traditional Sikh invocation.