Canadian Sikh ‘hero’ uses his turban to save drowning girl

avtar-hothiAvtar Hothi, 65, is being hailed as a hero in Canada because he used his turban to help save a teenage girl from drowning in the cold waters of North Thompson River near his farm.

Avtar and his son Paul were working at their farm in Heffley Creek when they heard cries for help. They rushed to the river bank to see the young woman struggling to stay afloat. They could not find a rope or any branches to help reach the girl, so Avtar pulled off his turban, used it as a rope, and threw it in the water to pull the distressed teen out of the frigid waters and on to the shore.

Son Paul said someone brought a blanket and the frightened teen calmed down and they then drove the girl, age 14 or 15, safely back to her grandmother’s house nearby.