Cheating in exams goes hi-tech in Delhi

er1shgd6Stores stocked with earpieces and SIM cards that students use to cheat in exams, operate openly in Delhi and cater to anyone willing to pay Rs.8000 – 15,000 for the equipment.  The devices come with a warranty and manufacturers claim they pass through X-ray scanners undetected.

One journalists team posing as students visited a store in west Delhi and asked for the gadgets to communicate with someone at a distance without anyone noticing.  The manager quickly, if sheepishly, ordered his helper to show them their popular ‘tabiz’ (religious locket).

The lucky locket came in an in-built SIM card and with the help of a tiny audio device, the SIM card in the tabiz picked up a call by his team mate.  The helper explained the device automatically activates when a call is made and the audio quality was fine.

The store even offered to lower the price believing the customers were students.

The helper explained that they offer to customise the gadget to fit into a salwar-kameez, sports bra, jacket, shirt, etc and promise same-day delivery.

According to the police, applicants accused in the recent cheating scandal that led to the cancellation of he all India pre-med entrance test, bought the cheating devices at a shop in Delhi.