Chief Justice of India makes impassioned plea for law reform

MERACJIthakurChief Justice of India TS Thakur made an impassioned speech at a conference of chief ministers and high court justices during which he urged the government to refrain from criticising the judiciary. He broke down with emotion saying it is not only in the name of a litigant or people languishing in jails but also in the name of development and progress that he beseeches his audience to rise to the occasion and realise it is not enough to criticize and shift the entire burden on the judiciary.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was present at the session proposed a closed-door meeting with him to discuss manpower issues and judicial reforms. He assured the CJI of his government’s resolve in finding a solution jointly with the judiciary.

PM Modi said in relation to a 1987 Law commission recommendation to increase the number of judges to 50 per 10 lakh people, that was never achieved, that his government will look into it and try to solve the situation, given that 3 decades later the judge to population ratio is just 17 judges per 10 lakh people in a country that has added 25 crore people. The PM also said efficiency when making laws needs to be increased and there are many laws that are redundant and not suited for the times that need to be removed.

Justice Thakur put it best when he said “Simply putting old wine in a new bottle will not serve the purpose”.