China scuttles India’s NSG bid

NSGIndia’s attempt to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has proved unsuccessful as China has persistently raised procedural hurdles, even though most others in the 48-member bloc supported New Delhi.

Beijing insisted that accepting the Non Proliferation Treaty is mandatory for India to become a member of the bloc that regulates global nuclear trade, and though it understands India wants to use nuclear energy to generate clean power, other countries also have similar needs, and if exceptions are permitted the international non-proliferation order will collapse.

Wang Qun, Director General of the Department of Arms Control of China’s Foreign Ministry said the Treaty is a must and the applicant state must be party to the Treaty.

Mr Wang said this is a rule not made by China, but reaffirmed by the international community, and the Treaty represents the cornerstone of the entire non-proliferation regime. Moreover, it will add difficulty to implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the Iran nuclear deal to be reached, and in the absence of the Treaty how can the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula be resolved?