Chinese born in India are still stateless

BACKchinaSadly, Chinese origin people who were born in India remain stateless, as rules involving landlords, that requires they go to the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) and testify that the tenant is not an insurgent. Of course the landlords do not want to make the trek and deal with the bureaucracy.

An example of the consequences is that all the Chinese origin people who were not born in India but were moved here as babies or children, are stateless, and some who were even born in India continue to await their rights to be a citizen and to vote.

One such person age 66, says he has given up all hopes of ever being an Indian citizen even though he was born in Kolkata, as he is now suffering with arthritis and finds it hard to do the run around to get what he has a right to. He says he hopes that PM Narendra Modi understands their trauma and gives him citizenship.

Reports say a former head of State intelligence was surprised and said the Chinese origin people should have been naturalised citizens according to the Constitution.

What’s worse, some of the Chinese origin residents say they are afraid of police harassment.