Christians arrested during protest over church attacks in Delhi

Hundreds of Christians including nuns and priests were arrested in Delhi as they attempted to march from a cathedral near the Home Minister's residence where protests are banned, during a protest against government inaction after a series of attacks on local churches. The protesters targeted Home Minister Rajnath Singh because he is responsible for maintaining Delhi law and order. The action organised by church leaders and activists followed an incident in which unknown persons broke into a Delhi church, desecrating property. This was the latest in a series of arson, burglaries and acts of vandalism targeting some five churches in the last two months. While the overwhelming majority of India's 1.2 billion citizens are Hindu it is officially a secular country and Christians who comprise just some 2.3 percent (28 million) of the population say attacks on churches have increased since PM Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist BJP swept national elections last May. One human rights activist who was among those arrested said they do not trust the police to conduct an impartial inquiry and want instead a panel headed by a high court judge, to investigate the attacks. Home Minister Singh tweeted that he met with Christian leaders to assure them he would not tolerate discrimination, and he promised an independent investigation into the church attacks, and assured the leaders that increased security will be provided to the community – ordering at least two policemen be posted at all 225 churches in the city.