Clashes in Karnataka on Tipu Sultan’s Birth Anniversary

HAPPtipusultaA man who was an activist of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, died of a fall from a boundary wall during a stone pelting protest in Kodagu near Bengaluru when he was trying to run from a police baton charge on protesters who clashed over the celebration of Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary.

Tipu Sultan who ruled Mysore from 1782 to 1799 is a controversial figure in history.

Notwithstanding, the Congress government held a function to mark the anniversary and the BJP boycotted the event because its ideological mentor Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sanghi and their affiliates believe Tipu Sultan was a tyrant who forcefully converted Hindus and persecuted Christians. Congress on the other hand says Tipu promoted communal harmony and helped restore destroyed temples.

Another RSS leader said most of the people have supported the protests as history clearly shows Tipu was secular.