Cop forces exhausted dancer to perform at gunpoint !

Police constable Shailendra Shukla of Nigohi town in Shahjahanpur district, UP arrived at an event drunk and armed with a pistol, that he used to force a dancer to perform on the dais as he showered her with money. According to a villager present at the event, Shukla allegedly tried to enter the dressing room and threatened security guards, and when the dancer started performing on stage he climbed on the stage and showered money on her to the tune of some Rs.40,000. When the dancer grew tired and stopped dancing Shukla put his pistol to her head and ordered her to continue, so the terrified dancer continued to dance for over an hour. The audience captured the constable's behaviour on camera. A home department officer said Shukla was deputed to manage the crowd and provide security to the artist but instead, his behaviour brought disrepute to the police force and maligned its image. The state government has ordered strict action be taken against the man. Shukla has been suspended and a department inquiry has now been ordered against him.