Cops arrest youth for raping ex-girlfriend

BACKblackmailMumbai police have arrested Naushad Siddiqui, 20, a second year BMS student who allegedly threatened, blackmailed and raped his former girlfriend who goes to the same college.

Police said Siddiqui was briefly in a relationship with the girl and took nude photos and video clips of her that he used to force her to get intimate with him for nearly 6 months.

Later Siddiqui sent some of the photos to the victim’s sister through an app and when the sister questioned the victim she broke down and told the whole story to her mother and sister. Her family then suggested to Siddiqui’s parents that the couple get married, but Siddiqui refused.

Police have remanded the accused to custody and intend to investigate whether Siddiqui had targeted other girls the same way.