Couples call moral police bluff – ask to get 'married' as threatened !

Students from Delhi University and Jawarharlal Nehru University went ahead and marched to protest outside the offices of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha who had threatened them. Many wore wedding garments and were accompanied by a band as they marched, but they were stopped by police who barricaded the route. The conservatives' plan sparked ridicule on social media and students boldly wore wedding gear and flaunted themselves shouting that officers who insisted they marry immediately, were in fact not allowing them to do so. Police eventually detained over 200 students and took them to Parliament Street Police Station where the protesters continued singing, dancing and shouting slogans in defiance. The detainees were released later in the evening. As one Hindu Mahasabha leader put it : Celebrating Valentine's Day is not part of the Hindu culture, and showing love in public is definitely forbidden !