Court allows deported Indian woman to return to son in UK

ISSUEmarriageA Court in London has upheld the rights of appeal of an NRI mother age 46, who was deported for fixing fake marriages. The Court has allowed her to return to the UK to re-unite with her 9 year-old son who lives with his British father. The woman who cannot be named for legal reasons had been jailed for 2 years after she entered the UK on a fake passport in 2005 and was then deported.

She was convicted in her absence and in 2005 she lawfully married a Briton in India. She was allowed back into Britain after she applied using a false passport. In 2006 she gave birth to her son and in 2007 she was given indefinite leave to remain under her false identity.

Shortly after her true identity was discovered in 2008 she was given a 12-month jail term plus an additional 12-month jail term for the 2003 bogus marriage offences. In 2009 she was deported.

Her son initially spent some time in India with her and some time in Britain with his father. Some two years later the judges said the arrangement had proved too unsettling for the young boy and he began to live permanently in the UK with his father.

The appeal judges finally analysed all arguments at a hearing in London in July and announced their decision to allow the woman re-entry into the country and life with her son.