Court clears Amit Shah in Sohrabuddin Sheikh killing

Amit Shah the chief of the BJP party has been cleared by the court in the extra-judicial killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh a Muslim civilian. In 2005, police killed Sheikh saying he belonged to an Islamic militant group. Later they admitted he had been killed in a staged gun battle and three policemen were charged with his murder. Sheikh's wife Kausar Bi, was also killed and her body burned, and a year later the sole witness to the murder, Sheikh's close aide Prajapati, was also killed. Amit Shah, who was home minister of Gujarat where the killings took place was charged with murder and kidnapping and arrested in 2010. He has always denied the charges, saying he was targeted by political rivals. He spent over 3 months in jail before being released on bail. The CBI challenged his bail and sought the transfer of the case out of Gujarat. In 2012 the Supreme Court moved the trial to Mumbai, arguing that Mr Shah may try to influence witnesses. Now a special CBI court in Mumbai has dropped the charges against Shah and the Judge was quoted as saying the inference drawn by the CBI is not accepted in totality and Amit Shah cannot be charged. Mr Shah is credited with the BJP's win in the general election. He was appointed the BJP chief in July. Sohrabuddin's family said they would appeal against the order in the high court.