Court orders Chacko to provide sites or reimburse NRIs

ALERfraudHigh Court Justice Chandrashekhara has directed NRI Chacko to provide the 52 NRIs to whom he sold sites under bogus khatas, the full title deeds, thereby rectifying the situation in which Chacko cheated the NRIs.

Chacko allegedly sold sites with bogus khatas from 1994 on, and he is believed to have swindled some Rs.500 crore. The NRIs only later learned that the layouts were not government approved and that Chacko had conned them.

Amazingly there have been over 200 complaints registered against Chacko in various police stations, and the CID has charge sheeted him in some 85 cases.

The Court has now adjourned the next hearing till April 11, when Chacko is required to provide all the details.