Dalit digs a well for wife who was denied water

MERAdalitwellBapurao Tajne dug a well all by himself in just 40 days, after a land owner refused him permission to draw water from his well and insulted his wife.

Tajne a poor labourer of Kalambeshwar village, Washim district had never dug a well before and he devoted six hours a day for 40 days till he struck water. The villagers mocked him but Bapurao carried on regardless, saying he will not name the land owner but he felt he insulted them because they are poor and Dalits.

Tajne said he went by instinct and prayed before starting the job and he is thankful his effort has been rewarded. He just wanted to provide water for the whole area so that the Dalits do not have to beg for water from other castes.

His neighbours are all praise for him, and the sarpanch visited his house to laud him after a Marathi channel aired his story. Film actor Nana Patekar also spoke to him over the phone, and a social worker presented him Rs.5000.