Dalit groom wears helmet to guard against Upper Caste villagers !

HAPPENShelmetA Madhya Pradesh groom Pawan Malviya traded his orange turban for a helmet to protect himself as upper caste men in his village in Ratlam district attacked him with stones, all because he dared to ride a horse in the wedding procession.

A short while before some members of Pawan’s family were injured as stones were thrown at them.

Pawan belongs to the Dalit class and was told by upper caste villagers that members of his caste are not allowed to sit on a horse or take out a grand procession. The worried family asked for police protection, and policemen in riot gear joined the procession.

Some 30 villagers were arrested and more were booked under a law that bans caste-based atrocities. The procession was finally allowed to move on peacefully. A case was registered against around 70 people.