Dalit Mumbai Ragpicker funds own poll campaign

BACKrugpickSojal Yashwant Bhalerao, 54, a ragpicker is bravely contesting the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation elections, as she tries her luck at ward 73, Indira Nagar, Kalyan road.

Frustrated with sanitation in her area she is contesting to try to improve the poor condition of the sanitation, and what with many suffering from dengue in the locality Sojal wants to be elected so she can get someone to bother with her area.

She has been a rag picker for over 30 years, but is sure she can change things and she saved money to pay for the deposit of Rs.2,500 payable to contest the elections.She is a Dalit and is hopeful of winning because most of the population in her area also belong to backward castes.

Bhalerao’s husband is a daily wage labourer and her 3 sons work for private firms, but the jobs are intermittent so cannot be relied upon. But Sojal persists in her hope to do more for her people.