Dalit school boy tortured by classmates

muzaffarpurA dreadful account written by a 16-year-old Dalit in Muzaffarpur, UP has been doing the rounds. In fact a heartbreaking missive written by the boy tells the story in which he said his father a teacher, gave him a name that means ‘the best’ and he wanted the boy to be the best. So his father stayed in their village with his 2 sisters and sent him to live with his maternal grandfather in Muzaffarpur. The lad worked hard and tried to deliver his father’s expectations.

He says because of his attempt to please his father he was left isolated. The Dalit lad said he is doing so well which brings him praise at home, but earns him humiliation and abuse in their classroom.

He says for the last 2 years he was beaten every day by two brothers, who also spit on his face. His teacher was sympathetic but the attacker’s father is a powerful criminal so the school could not do anything, and if he filed a complaint he would be forced to drop out.

The boy also worried about what the abusers’ father could do to his family so he kept quiet.

A video of the boy being tortured went viral that resulted in a police case. One of the boys at school told the victim that he enjoyed watching him assaulted so he filmed the episode in which the lad is beaten and kicked.

The victim’s grandfather could not contain himself when he found out about the video and filed a police case. But some people have threatened the family and said they must drop the case, so the boy has most reluctantly stopped going to school.