Dance trainer's dog-bite selfie turns into rape allegations !

The ubiquitous and annoying 'selfie' has this time turned into a nightmare for well-known dance instructor Piyush Sen after he shared a picture of his face with a bloody gash, that was the result of his being accidentally bitten by his Saint Bernard when he stepped on him and tripped in the dark. Shortly after, Sen was horrified to find that the selfie that he shared only with his doctor and close friends was doing the rounds with a message that said the injury was caused when he was caught trying to rape a student. The message rapidly spread over social networking sites and messenger groups and some 700 parents whose children learn dance at his academies called him to check on the messages. Sen, who was recuperating at a Mumbai hospital after having 63 stitches on his face had to plead with doctors to discharge him so he could quell the rumours, and soon after he personally met over 200 parents to reassure them it was untrue. Sen has now filed a complaint with the police in Kalyan who say they have started working on the complaint and will seek the Cyber Cell's help, and when they get to the bottom of things they will register an offence. Sen, an IT engineering graduate appealed to others to be very careful before posting anything personal on social networking sites.