Daughter forces father to dip fingers in hot oil

mht1v8vsKala Talapada complained to police that cash and ornaments worth Rs.500,000 were stolen from his married daughter’s hut in Kutch district.

Since he and his son lived in a nearby shanty, the daughter and her husband blamed Talapada who was deeply hurt by her allegation so he and his son returned to their native village in Anand district.

Bent on recovering the money and jewellery the daughter and her husband also went to the village and sought the help of local BJP leader Jayendra Parmar, who suggested Talapada and his son undergo the ‘boiling oil test’ at a temple.

Parmar took the two men to the shrine where in the presence of the priest and his daughter Talapada was forced to dip his fingers in the hot oil after he was told he would not be hurt if he had not committed the theft.

Talapada of course sustained serious burns and informed the police.

The daughter, son-in-law, Parmar and the priest have been arrested.