Daughter gang-raped to avenge mother’s poll win

MERArapeThe minor daughter of a wining woman block development council (BDC) was allegedly raped by two men of a group who were her mother’s rivals.

When the police refused to file an FIR against the rapists who had been named, the depressed girl committed suicide. She was a grade 11 student and was attacked when she was asleep in her home. The rapists took her to a field and committed the crime. She returned and told her mother about the assault and also named the two rapists.

The mother said instead of taking down the complaint the police just gave them verbal assurances and told them to go home. Traumatised and humiliated the girl hanged herself.

The police finally lodged an FIR against Pappu Bahella and Bindu Baahelia and arrested them both.

The police admitted that the girl was gang-raped to avenge the poll defeat and said the accused are relatives of the losing candidate in the BDC election.