Dead Canadian NRI’s body possibly encased in concrete

Dead Canadian NRI’s body possibly encased in concrete

Shawn Kapadia, 22, of Mississauga, Toronto disappeared from his home on July 5 and his family reported his disappearance on July 10.

Police suspect that Kapadia was murdered in a townhouse he frequented, and that his body was taken in an old John Deere backhoe to the Niagara Falls region, where it was found on July 23.

The search of the townhouse led police to a rural home where Kapadia’s car was found. Also the John Deere backhoe was seen going to a home and leaving with a large concrete slab in its front bucket on July 12.

Almost a month after the murder of Shawn Kapadia, police are still to recover his body and now say they think the body of Shawn was encased in the concrete slab and dumped or buried somewhere.

Police have asked people in the area to watch closely for any fresh digging or concrete dumped on their properties.