Dead man comes alive before post-mortem in Mumbai !

MERAdbodyA patient at Sion Hospital who had been declared dead, came to just minutes before his post mortem was to be carried out, revealing the shocking negligence at the civic hospital.

What’s worse is that the doctor at fault immediately destroyed all records of the incident in an effort to conceal his mistake.

The unidentified man was brought to the hospital after police acted on a call about a citizen lying unconscious at the ST bus depot. They rushed the man to the Sion hospital where the Chief Medical Officer Dr Rohan Rohekar was on duty at the time and declared the man dead after checking his pulse.

Rohekar told the hospital staff and the police to take the body to the morgue immediately, and as staffers were about to take the body they saw that the man was breathing.

The hospital is to investigate and take necessary steps to ensure a similar incident does not re-occur, and while the police are still to confirm the identify of the patient sources say he is around 45 years old and being treated for an ear infection and is very week due to malnourishment.