'Deceased' robber from Haryana returns, is arrested

Deen Mohammad, 44, a highway robber from Meerut has been arrested 13 years after his relatives said he was dead, when he had actually escaped to Saudi Arabia on a forged passport to evade arrest. Police say the accused Deen was nabbed by a crime branch team from Jangpura in south Delhi, where he had gone to meet his associates and plan a highway robbery in the city. A pistol and three cartridges as well as a stolen motorcycle was recovered from his possession. Authorities say Deen was wanted in several cases in Haryana and Rajasthan in 1993. At the time Deen escaped he was wanted in 23 highway robbery cases. In 1998 he and his associates were arrested in another crime, and he fled from police custody to Saudi Arabia. Two years later he returned to India when his visa expired, then went to Dubai and renewed his passport, then again returned to India as his passport expired in 2011. Deen never appeared in court in any of the cases and tried to fake his death but there was no document to prove it and he was declared a PO in 3 criminal cases.