Delhi beverage company launches 'AAP Cola' !

Delhi based beverages manufacturer Shri Brahm Shakti Prince Beverages Pvt Ltd, has launched 'AAP Cola' which the promoters say is a soft drink for the "aam admi". Jitender Keswani who with his family owns the company said the cola is for the common man who cannot afford high priced soft drinks from foreign companies. The slogan for the drink is "Drink and fight for your right". AAP Cola comes in the flavours – cola, lemon, orange and a 400ml pet bottle will be available for Rs.15 across the city. Keswani and his family were present at the swearing-in ceremony of Arvind Kejriwal as the new chief minister where around 25,000 bottles of AAP Cola were distributed free. Keswani said they are supporters of Kejriwal's party and proud that they can also contribute to the plan their chief minister once saw. The company already sells 'Prince Cola' which Keswani says is as popular as other foreign brands among the common people of Delhi. The company has applied for registration of the name 'AAP Cola' and awaits approval.