Delhi CM Kejriwal sacks minister for corruption on live TV

corrpDCsacksDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called a press conference to announce he was sacking Asim Ahmed Khan 38, the minister for food and environment who was caught asking for a bribe. He has been replaced by Imran Hussain.

Khan had been accused of nurturing a nexus with a builder that was borne out by an audio recording of a conversation between the minister and the builder. Kejriwal said he will ask for a CBI inquiry.

This is the second major move in the Aam Aadmi Party cabinet and is seen as a move to preempt a controversy when AAP lawmakers are confronting allegations. In June Jitender Tomar resigned as law minister after he was accused of faking his college degree.

Both the BJP and the Congress allegedly mocked the AAP, saying Kejriwal is making an event of the sacking, and the party that was formed to fight corruption has in less than 8 months caught one of their own being corrupt.