Delhi man sets wife on fire in public view

HAPPENSfireA woman age 25 was set on fire by her estranged husband in full public view in northeast Delhi. She is the mother of two children.

According to the police Mohammad Raees of Indrapuri, Ghaziabad and the woman Rubina, had been married for six years but separated over the last few months. On the day in question Raees reportedly called Rubina several times at her mother’s home and asked her to return. She initially refused, but relented later. He asked her to meet him near the Loni roundabout.

Rubina reached the place and found her husband waiting with a plastic bottle in hand. Per eyewitness accounts, the couple argued after which Raees poured kerosene from the bottle onto Rubina and threw a lighted match at her. He then fled the scene leaving a burning Rubina screaming for help.

Some onlookers doused the flames with dirt and sand but by the time the fire was controlled the woman was badly charred from neck to toe. She was rushed to hospital with 70% burns and her condition was said to be critical with minimal chances of survival.

A case was registered and a manhunt launched to nab Raees.