Delhi police thrash peaceful student protestors

PRAJdelpolA group of students were staging a protest over the suicide of young Dalit scholar Rohith Vermula who had been suspended by his university in Hyderabad, when police who were hovering around the placard waving, chanting students, suddenly began beating them with their fists and with wooden sticks.

A video of the incident went viral and students are heard screaming and running from the police who chased them and some even grabbed protesters by the hair and pinned them to the ground.

One journalist whose camera was smashed said all he heard was the words 1,2,3,CHARGE. then his camera was smashed and when he tried to retrieve it the cops pushed their lathis into his stomach.

Reports say despite the violent video airing on TV channels all day, Police chief BS Bassi said he had not seen it but that an inquiry has been ordered. He also said among the attackers were civilians who have not yet been identified.

The whole ghastly scene took place outside the headquarters of the RSS, the ideological parent of PM Modi’s BJP.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who has accused the police of sycophantic steadfastness in acting on behalf of the BJP, said the cops terrorised the protesters and behaved like a private army.