Delhi student killed in dance-floor fracas

HAPPgurboyRohit Bhardwaj, a student of Indraprastha University was beaten to death by 3 drunk youths, 2 of them disc jockeys, at a party in Gurgaon.

Police say Rohit went to the birthday party of a friend, to which some 25 people turned up. Around midnight an argument broke out between Rohit and the 3 accused who wanted to dance to their choice of songs and asked Rohit to leave the floor.

When Rohit refused the 3 accused, Amit, Raju and Dhuru dragged him away and brutally beat the boy, who was rushed to hospital but succumbed to his injuries there.

Rohit’s father Deepak Bhardwaj filed a complaint and police nabbed the accused who had fled after the incident.

Police authorities say they believe the three accused were drunk and lost their temper, which led to the murder of Rohit.