Delhi woman fined for false domestic violence claim

4t1bzdzgA Delhi Metropolitan magistrate has dismissed a woman’s complaint of domestic violence against her husband and in-laws, saying she falsified and concocted various allegations of domestic violence and suppressed important facts in order to harass her in-laws, thereby extorting unjustified money from her husband.

The woman was fined Rs.100,000 for the false allegations and for misusing the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence (PWDV) Act. She had stated that differences between her and her husband grew and she was harassed physically and verbally by her husband while her in-laws turned a blind eye to the situation.

The magistrate Shivani Chauhan said this was a fit case that calls for the imposition of exemplary cost on a complainant, so that like minded people do not resort to such mala fide practices. The fine of Rs.1 lakh is to be deposited in the account of the Blind Relief Association.