Delhi woman regrets calling cops for help

HAPpolidpA young woman, who has generated a Facebook post that has gone viral, says her friend was walking in Connaught Place when a strange man tried to kiss her. The post shows the man and names him.


The stunned woman grabbed hold of the guy and screamed for help when some passersby helped her nab the man.  The victim then called the cops who arrived some 40 minutes later and whisked the offender into their van to talk. Eventually the police did nothing other than one officer stating “trying to kiss a girl is not molestation”.


The creator of the post says her friend was humiliated and afraid that bystanders felt they were over-reacting. The ladies also could not believe the police were so negligent, and the writer of the post ends with the words “Why am I bringing up my daughters in this godforsaken place”?