Delhi’s stinking streets latest battleground between AAP BJP

gztjipk4A waste disposal crisis that has left Delhi in a stinking mess with mounds of mounting garbage on its streets, has become the latest bone of contention between the local and national governments.

The AAP-run government does not have absolute administrative powers over, the state, as the BJP controls the police force, land, and law and order.

The latest sticking point is over the more than 15,000 tonnes of waste that are strewn over the streets of East Delhi because municipal council workers have refused to collect the garbage for 10 days over the failure to pay salaries.

AAP had refused to release the money to pay salaries, and contends that the BJP run municipal council was allocated funds for the purpose, but the council created ‘ghost jobs’ that the money was given to.

Now the Delhi High Court has directed the AAP government to release the money, and workers called off the strike after they were reassured they would get paid.

The two parties seem to constantly be in disagreement over issues, as has been reported over the last several weeks, and which continue to be unsettled.