Deported NRI claims UK police installed ‘spy chips’ in his body !

spychipHarinder Pal Singh who returned to India from the UK 3 years ago claimed British police installed chips in his body for spying, and asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to remove them.

The Ministry of Home Affairs sent his plea requesting the removal of the chips to the Punjab government who forwarded it to the Jalandhar Deputy Commissioner.

Telling his bizarre story, Singh who hails from Sansarpur claimed he went to the UK in 1987 at age 15 with his grand mother, and one day when he was sleeping in his room some plainclothes policemen made him unconscious and got the chips installed in his body. He also claimed in 1996 his almost four-year-old daughter died in an accident that was changed into murder and he was convicted for it and sentenced to 15 years. He completed his jail term in 2013 and was deported.