Distressed Indians in UAE can use community fund

ISSUEtpsDistressed Indians in the UAE have been urged by the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, to use the Dh.11.7 million community fund to which NRIs contribute when they avail a consular service.

Needy Indians, including those stranded after losing jobs, runaway house maids, and critically ill patients, are among those who can avail of the monetary support from the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF).

In 2015 some Dh.2.43 million was spent from the fund within the UAE, and Dh.6.7 million was disbursed from the Fund for the evacuation of Indians in Iraq.

Indian ambassador to the UAE TP Seetharaman urged Indians in distress to seek help from the fund. He also said there are over 8000 Indian associations or community groups in the UAE, and sought their help in bringing the cases of distressed Indians to the attention of the Indian missions in the UAE.