Divorce rate in India is only 1.1%

BACKfoiDivorceAccording to the latest data from the 2011 census, most north Indian states, from Punjab to Bihar, and Maharashtra in the west, have the highest share of couples who are married for 40 or more years, making up 11-12% of all couples.

On the other hand, the entire northeast belt has less than 7% of such marriages, and in Meghalaya, just 4.1% of couples have been married for 40 years or more, one-third of that in Haryana or Maharashtra.

Across India, couples married for 40-plus years account for 10% of all couples.

Sociologists say the variation in duration of marriage across India has less to do with love and fidelity and more to do with customs and health. Also, as life spans are increasing married life is also getting longer.

Interestingly the divorce rate is still quite low in India at just 1.1% of all marriages.