Doctor arrested over deaths in botched sterilisation camp

Dr RK Gupta who, with an assistant, performed tubectomies on 130 women at two sterilisation camps has been arrested in connection with the deaths of 15 of the women. More than 90 women remain in hospital, many in critical condition. Dr Gupta who had been feted by the state for conducting a record number of sterilisations, was suspended after the deaths. He was arrested shortly after and is to appear in court. He is reported to have said it was not his fault as the administration pressured him to meet targets, and the surgeries went well but the problem was with the medicines given to the women. Gupta operated on 83 women in five hours at one of the camps whereas rules say one surgeon should only perform 35 operations in a day. Protests were held and the state government has ordered an inquiry. State Health Minister Amar Aggarwal said the government banned six medicines used in such operations, pending the results of the investigation.