Doctor murders six with lethal injections

polSantosh Pol, a medical practitioner age 45, who was arrested for the murder of an anganwadi worker in Satara district, Maharashtra, has confessed to killing five more people.

Police who have recovered the body of the worker and four more human’s remains from Santosh Pol’s farm in Wai were not clear about the motive behind the killing. They say Pol threw the body of one of his victims in a nearby dam.

Pol killed 5 women and a man by administering lethal doses of medicines. All the victims were missing since 2003 from villages close to Wai.

Police stumbled upon the murders when investigating the disappearance of Mangala Jedhe, 49, who went missing on June 16. Also an anganwadi worker Jedhe was the president of the Maharashtra Purva Prathmik Shikshika Sevika Sangh. She had left Wai for Pune for her daughter’s delivery but never reached there.

Pol and his associates including nurse Jyoti Mandre allegedly abducted Jedhe from the bus depot and took her to his farmhouse where they gave her the lethal injection. Pol said he was in a relationship with both Mandre and Jedhe, who was unhappy about his affair and threatened to go public, so they decided to kill her.

Police are now exploring the possibility of a kidney racket as the reason for the serial killings. Other angles such as robbery, and a dispute are being investigated. Police are also investigating Pol’s credentials and discovered the medical course he took was derecognised a few years ago.