Doting husband finds 'dead' wife 19 months on

A Rajasthan woman who went missing in the flash floods that hit Uttarakhand in 2013 and was officially declared dead, has been found by her husband 19 months later. Leela Kanwar, 45, was found by her husband with the help of locals in Hina Bazaar. She survived by begging on the streets, and was too traumatised to speak when she was found. Vijendra Singh Kanwar had fruitlessly searched for his wife and had given up all hope of ever finding her, yet he was not quite convinced that he had lost her forever so he decided to search for her one last time when someone told him that a woman of unknown identity was seen begging in the Uttarkashi bazaar area. He eventually found her but the devastating experience has affected her mental faculties as she did not recognise her husband. All the same, Kanwar has taken the woman back to Rajasthan. District officials however say the husband had not approached them and they learned of the matter from the locals and the gram pradhan. Also the woman was not in a condition to give a statement so they have not been able to ascertain whether the husband's claims are valid.