Drunken cop shoots dog who peed on his mobike !

Constable Vinod Chauhan, of Kankhal, Haridwar, who was observed by onlookers to be drunk, shot a stray dog in the leg because the animal peed on his motorcycle. A number of locals who saw the incident approached the NGO People for Animals (PFA) and asked them to raise the matter with the police, after which the Director General of Police, ordered a probe against the cruel cop, and the Haridwar police authorities are to conduct an inquiry into the matter. One member of PFA, Manavi Bhatt said this was not the first time the accused constable Chauhan abused animals. In an incident a while back, the constable stuffed a dog in a jute bag then rode his bike with the bag tied behind it, leading to the dog's death. Fortunately this time a number of locals carried the injured dog to a government veterinary hospital where it is recovering.