Elderly NRI couple shot dead in US

INTERncaroKantibhai Patel, 72, and his wife Hansaben Patel, 67, who worked and lived in Best Western Point South, were shot and killed in North Carolina. They were found shot inside a room at the hotel.

Hours later the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office arrested suspect Joshua Lenard Poacher, 20, in connection with the killings. Poacher who was arrested without incident at a hotel, was charged with two counts of murder. Police were able to track down Poacher after he tried to use credit cards taken from the Patels.

The Patels lived at the Point South hotel and had worked there for 10 years. Sheriff Greg Jenkins said they were a beautiful couple whose lives were taken senselessly. It is not known what led to the killings or what relationship if any, there was between the three individuals.