Elephants kill several people in eastern India

MERAelephElephants have killed five people in two separate attacks in eastern India.

Senior forest officer Ajay Das said one man was killed after he walked out of his home in a village in Burdwan district of West Bengal. The man who encountered five elephants was tossed in the air and trampled by one.

In another part of the district four people were killed when three elephants attacked them. One male jumbo in the group was tranquilized and later died, as an adult female and a calf ran away.

Reports say elephants are increasingly encountering people in India as the human population soars and cities and towns expand, encroaching on the jungles and other natural elephant habitats. Just last month a wild elephant went on a rampage in Siliguri, crushing homes, trampling cars, and sending panicked residents fleeing.

In India and Sri Lanka over 400 elephants and 250 humans are killed each year.