Epic ‘Baahubali’ will be the most expensive movie

2j970qpiA two part battle movie ‘Baahubali’ is being made in the Telugu and Tamil languages and is being likened to the American blockbuster ‘300’.  It has become India’s most expensive film ever.

The film shines a spotlight on southern India’s film industries that are often overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the Hindi language Bollywood films.

Director SS Rajamouli said the movie will break the previous big-budget Indian film by some $17 million and the entire budget will be over $40 million for both parts. It is laden with special effects and tells the story of two warring brothers battling for control of an ancient Indian kingdom.

‘Baahubali’ literally means ‘The One with Strong Arms’  The opening part of the film is due for release in July with the second part scheduled to hit screens next year.