Family believes boy turned out of Pune eatery is missing son

Video footage of a poor boy age 12, selling balloons outside a fast food restaurant, who was invited in by a young woman who promised him a treat, also shows a restaurant staffer pushing him out saying he was not allowed in. The footage was shot by the kind young woman who caught on camera the rude restaurant staffer. She posted it on Facebook. The video has given hope to the Bareilly family of rickshaw puller Hasnain Musharraf, 50, who was told by neighbours that the boy was his son, and when he and his wife watched the video, they believed the boy is their son Raju who went missing in 2012 from their home. The family including five siblings searched for him in vain then filed a missing person report the same year. They have now contacted the police again and claimed their son. Police have promised to help and Musharraf's relatives have petitioned Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to intervene. Authorities hope the boy's true identity will soon be established.