Father chokes daughter with an onion as punishment

girl childPolice in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, have arrested Sanjay Kute, 30, for thrashing his daughter and choking her with an onion for not learning the alphabet.

Reports say Kute returned home and examined his daughter’s homework. When the girl Bharati, 6, was unable to recite the alphabet her father beat her mercilessly and tried to make her swallow an onion, as her mother and brother watched helplessly. The child began to choke on the onion and soon she suffocated to death.

After the murder Kute moved Bharati’s body to a nearby location to conceal his violent crime.

The mother called her relatives and told them of the murder and after much consideration filed a complaint with the police.

The investigating officer said Kute was arrested and is to be produced in court forthwith. The child’s body has been recovered for an autopsy.