Fearful of patient attacks, 4000 Mumbai doctors hire security !

meraMedFrom August 1, some 4000 members of the Association of Medical Consultants (AMC) can access security cover to urgently assist them in the case of attacks by patients and their relatives, a trend that has been on the increase.

AMC president Dr Sudhir Naik, and Dr Abhay Shukla of the Network of Doctors for Ethical, Rational and De-Commercialised Healthcare, said the security will provide a deterrent as the existing serious lack of trust between doctors and patients has become an explosive situation.

Experts say this indicates the pathetic state of the doctor-patient relationship. In fact just a week earlier a mob marched up to a nursing home after a girl age 2 died while being moved to another hospital.

Those in the know say patients are handed huge bills that they were unprepared for, and the real need of the time is to ensure a continuous dialogue between doctors and patients, as well as tackling issues such as standardising rates, as violence against doctors is unacceptable and security is not a definitive solution.