Female tennis players in coach's room causes ruckus !

CCTV footage showing female players leaving a coach's room at 1.30 am during their stay at a hotel in Andhra Pradesh when they were there for the 76th Cadet National Sub Junior Competition has caused a ruckus, as Chhatisgarh Olympics Association rules say the women's team must be accompanied by a woman coach in any event and the rules were not just flouted but the regular coach was not sent with the team. Consequently the National Table Tennis Association suspended a player and coach from upcoming National games and the Association's chief secretary Amitabh Shukla resigned from his post. Reacting to the situation the Chhattisgarh Table Tennis president Sharad Shukla said 'light, fun interactions do happen between the coach and the team when they go out. He refused however to comment on what the girls were doing late at night in the coach's room.