First ever NRI Sikh woman elected to California council

Preet Didbal has been elected as a council member of California's Yuba City, that has one of the largest concentrations of Sikhs in the US. She is the first woman of Sikh descent to be elected as Yuba City council woman. Currently a correctional health care services manager in the California Department of Corrections Didbal admitted she encountered some traditional thinking during her campaign and was somewhat surprised by it, but she hopes the traditional culture is starting to open up and will educate young girls not to be subservient. Didbal holds an associate degrree in nutrition, a bachelor's in physical education and a master's in public administration. She was sworn in by her daughter Arianna Khan and her mother Gurbaksh Didbal. In 2009 Kash Gill became the first Sikh American to be elected as Mayor of Yuba City.