Forbes new ‘Cover Guy’ – Sundar Pichai Google CEO

Sundar-PichaiForbes Magazine has chosen Google CEO Sundar Pichai as its new ‘Cover Guy’, saying he is a brainy product guy who aims to reinvent the world’s second most valuable company and pretty much every experience, with a heavy dose of artificial intelligence.

The report says Pichai who was the headline act at the annual Google I/O Conference charmed his audience when he said in his south Indian accent, how amaaaaazing (sic) the computer evolution is.

It describes Pichai as a low-profile brainiac, which is what Google co founder Larry Page was after when he hand-picked Pichai last year to take over one of the greatest tech franchises of all time.

Pichai grew up in Chennai with his father an electrical engineer and his mother a stenographer, who were of modest means. His parents however put a strong emphasis on education and Pichai earned a spot at IIT Kharagpur. After graduating he won a scholarship to Stanford. Silicon Valley then beckoned and Pichai latched on to chip-industry pioneer Applied Materials. An MBA from Wharton School and a consulting gig at McKinsey & Co. followed.

In 2004 Pichai ended up at Google when the fast growing company still considered Microsoft its most formidable foe.

Much more is said, on Sundar Pichai ‘The Freshman CEO’ in the Forbes issue, that readers will find absorbing, inspiring, and admirable.