Foreign media celebrated Keralites’ clamour for baggage in burning plane

externalA day after the Emirates flight crash landed in Dubai, media the world over noted with interest, reports about a video clip showing people on board the burning plane frantically clamouring to rescue their baggage.

The BBC said this is not the first time people made the mistake of grabbing bags during an emergency evacuation. The report also cited examples of people in the US and UK who had done this in the past. It also criticised the filming of the chaos.

Bloomberg reported that though putting more bags into the cargo holds could lessen the problems, airlines as well as travellers do not favour that as it involves more money. The publication also cited a study by the US Safety Board in 2000, that said nearly 50 percent of people in an evacuation try to grab a bag.

CNN’s report emphasised the need to train the flight crew on evacuation procedures and how the first 90 seconds is crucial for any flight that has crash landed.